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2016 Press Releases

Get involved with SA Marriage Week.

SA Marriage Week is around the corner. This project, which runs from 1 to 7 September 2016, provides an opportunity for every South African couple to celebrate marriage as an institution anew.

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Marriage is an endangered institution

The awareness of marriage as an “endangered institution” is required for it to survive. SA Marriage Week is just around the corner. This project, running from 1-7 September 2016, is an opportunity for every South African couple to focus on marriage and to what extent it is threatened.

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Divorce: An adverse effect on society

Divorce does not just have an adverse effect on the parties directly involved but it also effects society as a whole. According to sociologists the individuals involved weaken mentally and physically in the absence of a family unit where two parents are present.

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SA divorce rate shocks

South Africa’s divorce rate is the highest it’s ever been. According to data released by Statistics SA, our countries divorce rate has increased by almost 5% since 2012 while the number of weddings has decreased. This report, entitles Marriage and Divorce 2014, was released in February of this year. It is based on the 21 998 completed divorce documents that Statistics SA received and processed by the end of September 2014.

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Marriage presents various benefits

The benefits that marriage presents, is legion. It is the key to freedom, emotional wealth, security, a healthy economy, the actualisation of potential and a youth with a vision for the future.

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Unite as a group for marriages

The success of marriages does not solely lie with the individuals that is directly involved, but with lager support groups. For this reason the organisers of SA Marriage week (1-7 September) calls on organisations, churches, the state, community leaders, celebrity couples, the media, and business to support this campaign.

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One week for your marriage!

Celebrate your marriage this year during SA Marriage Week. This campaign, that is celebrated worldwide and was introduced in South Africa three years ago, aims to remind couples once again of the importance of the marriage as a holy institution.

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Earlier Press Releases (2013 - 2015)

Celebrities part of SA Marriage Week

SA Marriage Week is just around the corner and numerous South African celebrity couples are already on board to act as ambassadors for this campaign. During 1-7 September marriage will be celebrated nationwide and South Africans will be reminded of how important and relevant this institution is still in 2015.

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Financial stress and disagreements over finances are one of the leading causes of divorce

“Marriages are under pressure and an external factor like financial problems can quickly become an internal relationship problem. With SA Marriage Week we want to equip couples with as much information as possible to keep good marriages on course and to assist marriages in distress,” says Liezel van der Merwe, managing editor of INTIEM and founder of SA Marriage Week.

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SA divorce rate still on the rise

SA Marriage Week takes place during 1-7 September in an effort to celebrate marriages and to combat South Africa’s divorce rate. According to the most recent statistics that was released in December last year, there is approximately a 5% increase in divorces since the previous survey in 2011. Why do so many marriages fail?

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The effects of divorce on children are bigger than most people realise

Of all the children born this year, fifty percent of them will experience the effects of divorce before they turn eighteen, according to an American research report.

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Healthy marriages result in healthy companies

An employee loses more than 160 hours of working hours the year following a divorce. That equates to 21 days of absenteeism. Consequently, an employee’s productivity levels decreases by 8% after their marriage has crumbled, due to days off from work (Meuller, 2005).

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Celebrity couples involved in Marriage Week

South African glamour couples are making a stand for marriages by actively participating in Marriage Week SA taking place from 1-7 September this year. This initiative by INTIEM magazine, in collaboration with 1Life, appeals to couples nationwide to make a stand for healthy marriages.

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Celebs once again on board for Marriage Week!

Famous South African personalities are once again wholeheartedly on board for Marriage Week taking place from 1-7 September. Just like last year, several local married couples have agreed to take on the role as ambassador for this initiative. In the words of Tshepo Mekgoe, a pastor and spouse of Fikile Mekgoe, Mrs. SA 2012: “This is a very positive initiative in that the concept drives healthy marriages to instil a consciousness in people that a marriage can be a beautiful thing.”.

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Raise healthy marriage awareness in your community with Marriage Week 2014

INTIEM magazine hosts South Africa’s second annual International Marriage Week from 1-7 September 2014.

This is an exciting project for anyone and everyone who feels passionate about the institution of marriage. This initiative strives to make people aware of the importance of a stable marriage and how it affects the wellbeing of our nation. Through this the organisers hope to inspire couples in South Africa to once again focus on the wellbeing of their marriages.

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Love Bridge for Pretoria

On 6 September this year, a Love Bridge for marriages will be launched in Pretoria. Through this project, the organisers of Marriage Week SA (from 1-7 September), in collaboration with Cool Capital, hope to encourage a renewed focus on the institution of marriage.

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Divorce a “national crisis”.

Children of divorced parents are three times more likely to develop emotional or behavioural problems than children whose biological parents are still married.

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SA’s shocking divorce figures.

The average South African marriage ending up in divorce is claimed to be between 50% and 66%. In 2011, 20 980 divorces were granted and altogether 18 571 children are now part of broken homes as a result of this year‘s divorces.

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Get married and live longer (and better!)

Marriage has several benefits, including a longer life, more social capital and better health.

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