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The LOFS Temperament Test - Start for free

All across the World people are familiar with their Love Languages... They are now taking it one step further and discovering their "Superpowers"!

Do you want to know what the "fuss" is all about? The fuss is about LOFS, a Temperament Test for Couples that have been completed by couples all over the World! LOFS is an acronym for Lake... Ocean.... Fountain.... Snow.

The LOFS test within Marriage Capsule will take you through 48 Questions in an interactive quiz with a very unique scoring formula to accurately determine your primary, secondary and unique combination temperament. But let's start right here with a FREE (shortened and much more basic) version of LOFS:

Click here to do the basic (Free) version of LOFS

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 Get access to the FULL LOFS temperament test

The LOFS temperament test will help you understand yourself and your partner better.

This will give you that “Aha” moment where you could never understand why you feel a certain way for no good reason, or perhaps why your partner is acting in a certain way you don’t understand. The questionnaire will determine your main temperament (Lake, Ocean, Fountain or Snow), secondary temperament and your unique combination.

You might be a FountainOcean and your partner a LakeSnow. What does this mean? More importantly, after you find out that you are indeed different, how do you do life together?

Click here to get access to the FULL LOFS temperament test

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Marriage Capsule 

Does your partner truly understand what makes you tick? What you need to feel valued, heard and supported?

Is your marriage everything you expected? Do you wonder if you perhaps married the wrong person? Or are you simply looking for ways to enrich your marriage?

Every couple has a different reason for wanting a strong marriage; fulfillment, commitment, support, love, companionship and setting an example for their kids often top the list. However, one thing is universally true: healthy, happy marriages don’t happen by accident. There’s always potential to make your marriage happier and healthier than ever before!

Marriage Capsule will take you on a journey of discovery! We’ll start by asking the question “Is marriage worth it?”, we’ll help you find your unique temperaments (are you a Lake, Ocean, Fountain or Snow?), we’ll teach you the one thing your husband really wants and the one thing your wife really wants, before we look at communication and intimacy… and end off with actionable plans on how to design the perfect marriage!

All of this is done in the comfort of your own home! All you need is a computer/smart phone with internet connection! Marriage Capsule is for everyone! No matter if you’re engaged, newlyweds, or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, this challenge can change your life and your marriage! This course is unlike any other marriage course you have ever seen!

It is interactive, easy to work through and NOT boring! Best of all, we offer weekly support, so you are not alone on your journey!

Click here to get access to Marriage Capsule

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ZULU course: Communication in a marriage

Uyamukelwa osukwini lokuqala lwezinhlelo ezithi Iviki Lomshado. Sithemba ukuthi wena nomyeni wakho nizothatha amagx - athu amakhulu ukuya phambili ngalolu hlelo lwemfundo ngomshado. Lufundeni ndawonye, nixoxe ngalo ngokuphumisela ngokuzwakalayo futhi ninikane ithuba lokuveza imibono engafani nalokho enitshelana kona

Click here to download the course FREE of charge

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SETSWANA course: Communication in a Marriage

O a amogelwa mo letsatsing la ntlha la dithulaganyo tsa Beke ya Lenyalo. Re dumela gore wena le monna wa gago le tla tswelela ka botlalo mo dikhosong tseno tsa lenyalo. E buiseng yotlhe mmogo, e buisaneng le buela kwa godimo mme le letlelelaneng gore mongwe le mongwe a ntshe maikutlo a gagwe le pego.

Click here to download the course FREE of charge

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